Popular Aluminium Fabrication as we are now popularly recognized, has been growing constantly since its establishment. We are a modern professional enterprise. The firm has built a sound reputation for providing quality products and outstanding customer service. We ensure unsurpassable flexibility and very high quality products & solutions to our clientele.

Since our inception as Popular Aluminium Fabrication we have achieved a dominant position in our industry both in the United Arab Emirates and Gulf Cooperation Council (G.C.C.) markets. Today we are able to offer even the most demanding clients a complete and diversified range of products.

Working with Clients

  • From the earliest stages of a project, we work alongside our clients to ensure the correct specification and layout
  • We supply and install the total package, using our skilled and highly experienced installation team

Project Development

  • We are committed to a program of a projectís development
  • We listen to our clients and accommodate their thoughts and requirements
  • We adapt our products to suit specific applications
  • We continually bring our worldwide experience into refining and improving our product range

A Growing Line of Products

Popular Aluminium Fabrication offers a family of innovative products and systems designed to meet the demands of any construction project. In developing our commercial strategy, we pursue as our primary goal, the manufacture of a wide variety of products in Glass, Aluminium and Stainless Steel from the smallest accessory to very complex designs. We satisfy the customerís needs. Our products have changed and adapted over the years to suit the customers' changing tastes and demands.

Expanding Internationally

Long experience in our current markets, characterized by profoundly different styles and thought processes, have earned us the trust of many local and international clients. Today our primary objective is to strengthen our international position by further developing our technical assistance on the ground, while concurrently maintaining high service and product qualities at competitive prices.

Popular Aluminium Fabrication, though firmly established and proactive in the United Arab Emirates, is now strengthening its presence in the surrounding countries in the G.C.C. We have offices and factories in Sharjah,Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha to serve our clients in these regions. Our highly competitive staff, finance and manufacturing capabilities allow us to efficiently undertake small, as well as large projects.

Today, Popular Aluminium Fabrication continues to serve the ever-growing domestic market while rising to meet international demands and standards. As we explore and expand into new markets, our reputation precedes us - paving the way for ongoing growth and innovation.

Popular Aluminium's Quality & Customer Support Mission

  • Superior quality & diverse product ranges
  • Stringent quality control standards
  • Readily available inventory
  • Assured on time delivery
  • Responsive knowledgeable staff

Our Philosophy

The construction industry plays an important role in the economy of a country.

Popular Aluminium Fabrication provides the right product with the right design and the right materials, built to meet the demands of every type of construction project. We pride ourselves on our approach to design, installation and after-sales service. Nothing can replace first hand knowledge.